Activities 1998

07 January 1998
Auditorium Banque de Luxembourg 20.00

The Artsong Collective presented works by Sir Michael Tippett, Alan Bush, Ronald Stevenson and Denis Aplvor.
Moira Harris soprano, Wills Morgan tenor, Richard Black piano

14 January 1998
Tokyo - Sumida Triphony Hall

Concert organized by the Japan Federation of Composers with works by the Luxembourgish composers Marco Kraus and Marcel Wengler

28 January 1998
Auditorium Banque de Luxembourg 20.00

Works by Mary Finsterer, François Rossé, Brian Ferneyhough,
Rico Gubler, Claude Lenners and Franco Donatoni.

Duo “guitar & percussion”
Mats Scheidegger guitar, Guy Frisch percussion

11 February 1998
Auditorium Banque de Luxembourg 20.00

The duo viola & tuba performed works by John Cage, Michael Jarrel, Garth Knox and Gérard Buquet.

Duo “viola & tuba”
Garth Knox viola, Gérard Buquet tuba

06 March 1998
Conservatoire de Musique Luxembourg 20.00

Symphony concert devoted to the works of contemporary women composers

Yell Edith Canat de Chizy
Concerto Grosso Marta Ptaszynska
Symbolon Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
Piano Concerto Galina Ustwolskaja

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Soloists : Sandrine Cantoreggi violin
Vania Lecuit violin
Béatrice Rauchs piano
Conductor: Marcel Wengler

08 March 1998
Château de Bettembourg 16.00

Concert featuring chamber music by the women composers
Galina Ustwolskaja, Grazyna Bacewicz, Ida Gotkovsky,
Sofia Gubaidulina and Albena Petrovic.

Ensemble LGNM:
Sandrine Cantoreggi violin, Guy Goethals saxophone, Marc Hoffmann saxophone, Yannchen Hoffmann mezzosoprano, Carlo Jans flute, Patrick Krysatis tuba, Marcel Lallemang clarinet, Catherine Lebrun cello, Vania Lecuit violin, Marco Pütz saxophone, Béatrice Rauchs piano, Roland Schneider saxophone, Maurizio Spiridigliozzi accordion

24 March 1998
General Assembly of the LGNM
Presentation of the new Portrait-CDs of René Hemmer, Jeannot Heinen,
Marcel Wengler and René Mertzig published by Editions LGNM.

17-25 April 1998
ISCM World Music Days 1998 in Manchester

Participation in the General Assembly of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) and the World Music Days 1998 in Manchester.

02 September 1998 Radio Suisse Romande

Presentation of the Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music and the CD series Anthology of Luxembourgish Music by Marcel Wengler, live broadcasted by “Radio Suisse Romande” in Geneva.

30 September 1998 Auditorium Banque de Luxembourg 20.00

The Ensemble peärls before swine experience performed works by Jouni Kaipainen, Göran Gamstorp, Per Martenson, Apostolos Dimitrakopulos, Glenn-Erik Haugland, James Clarke, Antonio Pinho Vargas, Svenn Hvitdfelt Nielsen and Atli Heimir Sveinsson.
World-première of Pearls Quartet by Marcel Wengler.

“peärls before swine experience”
Anders Jonhäll flute, George Kentros violin,
Mats Olofsson cello, Marten Landström piano

23 October 1998 Classics of the 20th Century
Hans Werner Henze

Symphonic works by Hans Werner Henze
Sinfonische Zwischenspiele aus „Boulevard Solitude“
Erstes Konzert für Violine und Orchester
Erste Suite aus dem Ballett “Undine”

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Soloist : Felicia Terpitz violin
Conductor: Marcel Wengler
Supported by IBM

22 November 1998 Galerie Fred Becker - Luxembourg 11.00

Works by Jiri Gemrot, Pavel Novak, Zdenek Lukas, Alfred Schnittke, Jeannot Sanavia, Thomas David, Jean-Luc Darbellay (world première)

Duo di Basso
Frantisek Host cello, Jiri Hudec double-bass

29 November 1998 Galerie Fred Becker - Luxembourg 11.00

Sonara Per Norgard
Sonata Edison Denisov
Fantasia Lars Graugaard
Faux Pas de Deux Marcel Wengler
Comentarios Breves Fernando Garcia

Duo “Arpa & Flauta “
Lars Graugaard flute, Sofia Asunción Claro harp

13 December 1998
Galerie Fred Becker - Luxembourg 11.00

Night and Day Jacob Ter Veldhuis
Zorr Nick Sven Hermann
Decade Enrique Raxach
Foto Tapio Nevanlinna
Atemlos (world première) Camille Kerger

Duo Klardeon
Marcel Lallemang clarinet, Maurizio Spiridigliozzi accordion

Activities 1999

27 January 1999
Piano Solo!

Piano-Recital by Marcel Cominotto at the “Bibliothèque Nationale” in Luxembourg with works by Béla Bartók, Henri Pousseur, Claude Lenners, Arnold Schoenberg and Michel Fourgon.

10 February 1999
Piano Solo!

Piano-Recital by Tatiana Smelova at the “Bibliothèque Nationale” in Luxembourg with works by Arvo Pärt, Alexander Mullenbach and Urmas Sisask.

03 March 1999
Piano Solo!

Piano-Recital by Béatrice Rauchs at the “Bibliothèque Nationale” in Luxembourg with works by Victor Fenigstein, Sofia Gubaidulina and Maurice Ohana.

17 March 1999
Bibliothèque Nationale – Luxembourg

Presentation of the new CD “Music for clarinets”
The clarinet sextet Claritmico performed works by Roland Wiltgen, Marcel Wengler, Claus Krumlovsky, Walter Civitareale and Luc Grethen.

31 March 1999
Hommage à Harald Genzmer

The LGNM celebrated the 90th birthday of Harald Genzmer.

Troisième Quatuor Harald Genzmer
Sonate for tuba and piano Paul Hindemith
5 Bagatelles Berthold Hummel
Konzertstück für 2 Saxophone Paul Hindemith
Musique pour 4 saxophones Berthold Hummel
Sonate pour clarinette basse Harald Genzmer

Luxembourg Saxophone Quartet
Claritmico clarinet sextet
Romain Gross clarinet, Nadine Kauffmann saxophone,
Patrick Krysatis tuba, Béatrice Rauchs piano

25 September
08 October 1999
ISCM World Music Days 1999 - Romania
Participation in the General Assembly of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) and the World Music Days 1999 in Romania.

Transilvania Philharmonic Orchestra
World-première of the Violin Concerto by Marcel Wengler
Soloist: Dorina Mangra violin
Conductor: Remus Georgescu

22 October 1999
Classics of the 20th Century
Maurice Ohana

In Dark Blue Maurice Ohana
L’Amour Sorcier Manuel de Falla
Livre des Prodiges Maurice Ohana

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Soloists : Sylvie Sullé mezzosoprano
Sonia Wieder-Atherton cello
Conductor: Arturo Tamayo
Supported by IBM

Activities 2000

29 January 2000
Villa Louvigny - Luxembourg 20.00

The LGNM celebrated the 80th birthday of the
Luxembourgish composer René Hemmer.

A Dream to a Dream Jon Nordall
Variation and fugue Helgi Palsson
Flüchtig wie Wind und Welle René Hemmer
Quatuor en la majeur Laurent Menager

ETHOS String Quartet
Audur Hafsteinsdóttir violin
Greta Gudnadóttir violin
Gudmundur Dristmundsson viola
Bryndis Halla Gylfadóttir cello

13 February 2000
Villa Louvigny - Luxembourg 17.00

For this first concert of the Luxembourg Sinfonietta the LGNM launched an appeal on its website for composers the whole world over to write pieces for the new ensemble. From the works sent in, the musicians of the Luxembourg Sinfonietta selected 8 compositions for the first performance.

Lisa Reim Tiger’s cry
Luca Vanneschi Maqam
Pierre Couprie Ainsi, toujours, vers l’azur…
Tony K.T. Leung Seven trumpets of the Seven Angels
Lars Graugaard Fractured Waves
Jean-Luc Darbellay Lux
Andreas Pflüger Contrasts
Serban Nichifor La Nuit Obscure

Luxembourg Sinfonietta
Conductor: Marcel Wengler

World Premiere Recordings
published by Editions LGNM (No 401)

16-21 June 2000
IAMIC Annual Congress - Budapest

Participation in the annual Congress of the “International Association of Music Information Centres” (IAMIC) in Budapest.

29 September
08 Octobe 2000
ISCM World Music Days 2000 - Luxembourg

The World Music Days of the International Society for Contemporary Music have been hosted every year by the great cities of the world since 1923. This international festival is thus not only the oldest forum for contemporary music in existence anywhere, the way it is programmed certainly makes it one of the most successful events for the music of our time. No other festival offers such a variety of aesthetic and stylistic contributions to the art of composition from the most varied cultural spheres world-wide.

The significance of the World Music Days is also reflected in the large number of compositions submitted from all over the world. In the summer of 1999, an international jury selected the works for performance from over 750 scores.

During the World Music Days of the year 2000, the works of no less than 134 composers, coming from 52 countries from all five continents, were performed by the most celebrated orchestras, soloists and ensembles.

The huge success of these World Music Days, however, is due to the enthusiastic, curious and, in particular large audience. More than 10.000 visitors attended the various concerts or discovered the sound-installations. Thanks to the selection of venues in all the regions of Luxembourg, we were able to attract a public which until then had had little opportunity to discover contemporary music. The 29 events in 22 concert halls in 12 different localities thus attracted a broad public in the “three-country corner” SaarLorLux.

29 September 2000
Cercle Municipal - Luxembourg 18.00

Ouverture “D’Mumm Séis” Edmond de la Fontaine
Viola Konzert Nr. 2 Dan Dediu
UntoThese Yellow Sands Lars Graugaard
Flute Concerto Marcel Wengler

Schweizer Kammerorchester
Soloists: Marius Ungureanu viola,
Carlo Jans flute
Conductor: Klaus Arp

To everyone’s gratification and surprise, the opening concert of the World Music Days 2000 was sold out to the very last seat. There appear to be more and more enthusiasts for contemporary music in Luxembourg too.

Alain Steffen - Tageblatt

30 September 2000
Cercle Municipal - Luxembourg 11.30

Albedo III für Oktett Helmut Zapf
Labyrinth Hwang-Long Pan
Evolution Makoto Shinohara
Ein Garten für Orpheus Jean-Luc Darbellay
String Trio Tsung-Hsien Yang
Tempus Emilio Mendoza
Anaktoria Iannis Xenakis

Ensemble Antipodes
Egidius Streiff violin, Hyungjong Kang violin, Mariana Doughty viola, Imke Frank cello, Daniella Giacobbo double-bass, Markus Niederhauser clarinet, Olivier Darbellay horn, Marc Kilchenmann bassoon

30 September 2000 Cercle Municipal - Luxembourg 13.00

Tangled Loops Jason Eckardt
Rituals for Forgotten Faces Bongani Ndodana
Monotaurus Claude Lenners
Saxophone Quartet John Buckley
To the edge of the corridors Ting Cheong So
Coup de Dés René Hemmer
Opcit Philippe Hurel
Passamezzo Theo Verbey

Quatuor de Saxophones de Luxembourg
and Annie Kraus piano, Garry Müller piano,
Olivier Sliepen saxophone, Guy Goethals saxophone

30 September 2000 Cercle Municipal - Luxembourg 13.00 – 17.00

In order to perform Morton Feldman’s 4-hour long composition For Philip Guston without any break whatsoever, and at two places 18 km apart, Marcel Wengler, the Artistic Director of the Festival, hit on the idea of a musical transplantation which would not be without its effect on the public. Rather like a complicated surgical transplantation of an organ, a “living” piece of music, as well as the performers, were “transplanted” from the Cercle Municipal in Luxembourg to the Municipal Theatre in Esch.

“Das Neue Ensemble” - Hannover
Markus Hufschmidt flute, Christian Schulte piano and celesta,
Stephan Meier percussion

30 September 2000 Conservatoire de Musique Esch-sur-Alzette 16.00

Hermione’s Dream Philippe Boesmans
Goyoh Hae-Sung Lee
Short Fall David Lang
Eclat du soir Yuriko Kojima
Qi Yun Xiao Sa Ming Chi Chang
a presto Mats Larsson
Feuilles à travers les cloches Tristan Murail

Ensemble “Pearls Before Swine Experience”
Sara Hammarström flute, George Kentros violin,
Mats Olofsson cello, Marten Landström piano

“Feuilles à travers les cloches” by French spectralist, Tristan Murail, currently residing in New York, marked a sharp contrast to most of the other pieces on the program. It is a delicately textured and gently lyrical piece, with an assortment of gentle pianissimo effects for the instruments, utilized with great taste to create a wonderful, well thought-out piece of great emotional breadth, performed with great taste and refinement.

“21 Century Music” – American Journal

30 September 2000 Théâtre Municipal Esch-sur Alzette 19.30

“Der Gelbe Raum“

Three Pieces Arnold Schönberg
The Unanswered Question Charles Ives
Der Andere Moritz Eggert
Thousands of bundled straw II David Young
Todesmusiken I Franz Schubert
Ich plante zu sprechen (world-première) Jeannot Heinen
Todesmusiken II Franz Schubert
Tientos del dia infinito Agustin Charles
Spatial Ayres Gerhard Stäbler
Der Gelbe Klang Alfred Schnittke

“Das Neue Ensemble” - Hannover
Soloists: Annette Robbert soprano,
Annina Papazian mezzosoprano,
Thomas Holzapfel baritone
Conductor: Eberhard Kloke

One of the most important events of the festival was the presentation of the musical-theatrical production of Eberhard Kloke “Der Gelbe Raum” – a notable piece of “Gesamtkunstwerk” of the 21st Century. Its aim was to create a certain type of syncretic performance, which was to combine music, lighting effects and video presentation.

“The Musical Overview” - Moscow

30 September 2000 Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette 23.00

Akusmatisches Konzert mit Elektronischer Musik, wiedergegeben auf einem 24-Kanal-Akusmonium und interpretiert durch Tänzer des Theater Basel unter der Leitung von Jean-Guillaume Weis.

Histoires de Sons Eduardo Polonio
Currents Jens Hedman & Paulina Sundin
Derrière la porte… Gilles Gobeil

Tanztheater Basel
Tänzer: Sophie Faudot, Randi De Vlieghe, Jean-Guillaume Weis

01 October 2000 Théâtre des Capucins - Luxembourg 11.00

A performance featuring live electronic music by the B.E.A.M
Basel Electric Art Messengers and guests.

Implantate Kilian Schwoon
Four constellations before dawn Manuel Cecchinato
Wassermusik Wolfgang Heiniger
Tangata Vovale José Luis Campana
Erinnerungen an Shakespeare Rudolf Kelterborn

Basel Electric Art Messengers and guests
Sylvia Nopper soprano, Matthias Würsch percussion and piano, Wolfgang Heiniger percussion and live–electronics, Thomas Kessler live-electronics, Marcus Weiss saxophone, Anton Kernjak piano, Lanet Floers Otero clarinet, Julia Schröder violin, Karin Löffler violin, Natalja Alexandrowa viola, Michael Keller cello
Conductor: Thomas Kessler

01 October 2000 Château de Vianden 16.00

Piano Trio No 1 Jong Woo Kim
Tema y variaciones Roberto Sierra
Interrupted Song Oleg Felzer
Proverbs of hell Alberto Colla
Ask Havasi Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
Nguuraa (world première) Georges Lentz
Daimon II Francis Schwartz

Ensemble Continuum New York
Wonjung Kim soprano, David Gresham clarinet, René Jolles violin, Kristina Reiko Cooper cello, Cheryl Seltzer piano
Conductor: Joel Sachs

On Sunday afternoon we were taken to the beautifully restored medieval castle of Vianden. This structure embodies in “stone and mortar” the values of tradition and survival, but it seems to belie the changes and social turmoils which have also been part of its life through some eight centuries. In one of the halls of this fairy-tale castle, the Continuum Ensemble of New York, director Joel Sachs, played works mostly within a tradition of Western New Music. It took Francis Schwartz, an American composer and noted “polyartist”, to open the window on this occasion to let in a breath of fresh air. For his “Diamon II” the performers had to communicate through body language beyond their particular musical instruments. Rhythmic audible breathing, clapping and stamping added to the sound picture. Grimacing, including silent screaming, made us aware that what is not articulated in a given context is as important as what is worked out explicitly and audibly. The audience was drawn into the performance by Joel Sachs, encouraged to participate with loud breathing and noisy stamping.

Seen and Heard Festival Review – Dr Peter Grahame Woolf

01 October 2000 Eglise St-Michel - Luxembourg 17.00

Camera aeolia Caroline Wilkins
Appel interstellaire Olivier Messiaen
… and the Sun? László Sáry
Les Lunes de Jupiter (world première) Roland Wiltgen
Tres Noches sin Luna Diana Arismendi
Seven Visions from the Apocalypse of Saint John André Laporte

Ensemble Antipodes
Egidius Streiff violin, Hyungjong Kang violin, Mariana Doughty viola, Olivier Darbelley cello and horn, Daniella Giacobbo double-bass, Markus Niederhauser clarinet and
Alain Wirth organ, Charles Consbruck trumpet

01 October 2000 Eglise Pierre et Paul - Echternach 20.30

Nunatak Jonas Bohlin
Quartet No 2 Kimmo Hakola
Uy u t’an Hilda Paredes
String Quartet No 4 Rashid Kalimoullin
Quartet No 3 James Dillon

Arditti String Quartet
Irvine Arditti violin
Graeme Jennings violin
Dov Scheindlin viola
Rohan de Saram cello
Supported by the British Council and part of the International Festival Echternach

The Arditti Quartet always plays with the same extraordinary consistency, arising from a skilful blend of transcendental technique, splendid sonority and expressive ardour. The unstinting enthusiasm of the Arditti is not of a kind of which the listener tires, and the stunning variety of universes of sound (however unprecedented) into which they lead us in the course of this beautiful journey to the end of the quartet in our own day, creates a strange fascination to which one surrenders unresistingly.

José Voss – Letzebuerger Land

02 October 2000 Conservatoire de Musique Luxembourg 20.00

Aura Carlos Grätzer
Trojtza Carmen Maria Cârneci
Agregados Carlos Satué
explosante fixe Pierre Boulez

Ensemble Intercontemporain – IRCAM
Solistes : Emmanuelle Ophèle flûte Midi
Sophie Cherrier, Marine Perez flûtes
Jean-Jacques Gaudon trompette
Direction: Jonathan Nott

What would a major festival of contemporary music at the highest level, such as World Music Days, be without the participation of one of its most eminent exponents, the Ensemble Intercontemporain? If this music touches us, it does so first and foremost thanks to the musicians of the Ensemble, galvanized by the likes of Jonathan Nott, whose meticulous work and expertise are entirely on a par with those of the composer.

José Voss – Letzebuerger Land

03 October 2000 Cercle Municipal - Luxembourg 12.30

Auftragswerke des Deutschen Pavillons, EXPO 2000 Hannover

Löwe, leih mir Deine Stimme Theo Brandmüller
in den hohen trompeten der bäume Claude Lefebvre
Der unbekannte Engel Marcel Wengler

Luxembourg Sinfonietta
Ruth-Maria Nicolay Sopran
Assaf Levitin Bariton
Nicholas Isherwood Baß
Leitung: Marcel Wengler

For the appearance of the Luxembourg Sinfonietta, its director Marcel Wengler had devised a programme of three works dealing from different viewpoints with the fallen angel Lucifer. The orchestra’s unusual composition (flute, clarinet, two saxophones, horn, bass tuba, two violins, three cellos, accordion, percussion and synthesiser) clearly inspired a number of composers. Theo Brandmüller had his text declaimed forcefully by Assaf Levitin, and Claude Lefebvre was sparing with his instrumentation (horn, clarinet, accordion and cello) but the four players made a powerful impression in support of Nicholas Isherwood (bass). Marcel Wengler, who had to divide himself between about six full-time tasks to keep the event afloat, had compiled his text for “Der unbekannte Engel” from several authors; it was sung by soprano Ruth-Maria Nicolay, to acclamation.

Dr. Peter Grahame Woolf – Seen and Heard, London

03 October 2000 Conservatoire de Musique Luxembourg 16.00

Shaman’s Songs (world première) Yassen Vodenitcharov
Wings of Light (world première) Doina Rotaru
Le chant des aires Alain Louvier
Seven Ways to Djebel Chambi
(world première)
Luc Rollinger

Orchestre De Flûtes Français
Soliste : Pierre-Yves Artaud flûte
Direction : Pierre-Alain Biget

03 October 2000 Deutsche Bank Luxemburg 19.00

Burnout Toek Numan
Delusions Ari Ben-Shabetai
Trumpet Concerto (world première) Marek Kopelent
Hymn and Aria Aleksander Lasón
A Winged Creature Miroslav Pudlák
Seconda sonata per archi Hans Werner Henze
At the End of the Road Dejan Despic

Prague Chamber Orchestra
Soloists: Ladislav Kozderka trumpet
David Svec piano
Conductor: Ondrej Kukal
Supported by „Deutsche Bank Luxemburg“

04 October 2000 Château de Clervaux 11.00

Meeting Marco Pütz
Vue sur les jardins interdits Henri Pousseur
Whose Sun constructs perpetual Noon Marcel Reuter
No way out Camille Kerger

Ensemble Saxas
Guy Goethals sax soprano, Nadine Kauffmann sax alto, Leana Sealy sax alto, Olivier Sliepen sax tenor, Roland Schneider sax bariton, Pascal Schumacher percussion, Maurizio Spiridigliozzi accordion

04 October 2000 Eglise de Marnach 15.00

Agra Mark Zadro
Puntas Silvia Suárez
Soliloquy (world première) Thoma Simaku
Meditations sobre Abya-Yala Graciela Agudelo

Carlo Jans flute
Vania Lecuit violin

04 October 2000 Vieille Eglise St-Laurent - Diekirch 17.00

Quinteto de Vientos Carlos Zamora
Deformation for 3 flutes Seungwoo Paik
5 Momente efemere Dora Cojocaru
Four Brazilian Songs Liduino Pitombeira

ARTA Woodwind Quintet
Ariel Zuckermann flute, Manuel Bilz oboe,
Richard Obermayer clarinet, Till Heine bassoon,
Alexander Boruvka horn
Flute Trio
Lena Frieden, Carine Forget, Carlo Jans

04 October 2000 Centre des Arts Pluriels - Ettelbruck 20.00

Entre Belacqua et Nell Michelle Boudreau
Maze Raffaele Marcellino
Jagden und Formen,
Zustand X/2000
Wolfgang Rihm
Uraufführung der erweiterten Fassung

Ensemble Modern
Leitung: Dominique My

Mit der Unterstützung des Auswärtigen Amtes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und unter der Schirmherrschaft des Botschafters der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

05 October 2000 Cercle Municipal - Luxembourg 12.30

Masada Boris Pigovat
Concert Piece for
Symphonic Band & Percussion
Guttorm Kittelsen
Minimo Kresimir Seletkovic
Phantasmagoria Régis Campo
Danse funambulesque Jules Strens

Grand Orchestre D’Harmonie Des Guides
Direction : Norbert Nozy

05 October 2000 Arsenal Metz 20.30

Konzertstück für Orchester Nr. 2 Vytautas Barkauskas
Canticum Tremulum Hiroyuki Yamamoto
Rondo for piano and orchestra Lars Ekström
Wu-Yu Julian Yu
Duodramen Mauricio Kagel

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Soloists : Béatrice Rauchs piano
Celina Lindsey soprano
Roland Hermann baritone
Conductor : Fabrice Bollon

06 October 2000 Villa Louvigny - Luxembourg 12.30

Codename Orpheus Johan Tallgren
Annäherungen Günter Steinke
Apoteosi del blu Valerio Sannicandro
Grave (world première) Ian Willcock

Leitung: James Avery

Gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen und der Stiftung Kunst und Kultur NRW.

„Approaches“ – Günter Steinke
The quiet opening of this piece immediately gets under the listener’s skin. The soft knocking sounds, located on the verge of inaudibility, make it expand to become an infinite auditory space, and the frequent pauses grow into gigantic arenas of experience. And when the strings add a vague web of sound, softly, as if on tiptoe, and in a very high register, with oboes, cymbals and piano contributing their own muted input, and when the entire fragile structure veers off into a no-man’s-land between sound and noise, this soft-spoken work remains breathtakingly concise and exciting.

Thomas Rath – Trierischer Volksfreund

06 October 2000 Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken 17.00

De l’Étant Qui Le Nie Paula Azguime
Salamander II Hiroyuki Itoh
Réitérations Joao Rafael
The Trap for Two Julia Gomelskaya
Pulse Code Modulation Miguel Azguime

Miso Ensemble
Paula Azguime flute, Miguel Azguime percussion,
Alain Neveux piano and
Guy Goethals saxophone, Leana Sealy saxophone,
Tosya Suzuki recorder

06 October 2000 Funkhaus Halberg, Großer Sendesaal - Saarbrücken 20.00

Aurora Australis Bozidar Kos
Orchesterstück 7 (world première) Herbert Grassl
Die Erde ist eine Schale
von dunkelm Gold
Rolf Riehm
Kreuzstab Kantate BWV 56 J.S. Bach

Sinfonieorchester des Saarländischen Rundfunks
Solisten: Ksenija Lukic Sopran
Christoph Späth Tenor
Yaron Windmüller Bariton
Leitung: Oswald Sallaberger

07 October 2000 Orangerie Domaine Thermal - Mondorf-les-Bains 11.00

Three Monothematic Pieces Ljubo Rancigaj
Prélude et fugue Vladimir Bokes
Portrett Nr. 6 Snorri Sigfús Birgisson
Ciurlionis’s Sketches Anatolijus Senderovas
Enigma Lucia Alvarez
Where two become one Nurit Jugend

Violin & Piano
Béatrice Rauchs piano
Vania Lecuit violin

07 October 2000 Eglise Ehnen 14.30

Trois chansons d’amour (world première) Johny Fritz
Contrapuntal Variations Craig First
Sequenza III Luciano Berio
Serenade for Soprano & Harp Harue Kunieda

Mariette Lentz soprano
Aude Rocca-Serra harp
Isabelle Kaiser flute
Dimitris Marinos mandolin

…at the village of Ehnen for a concert in the octagonal and domeroofed
local church featuring soprano Mariette Lentz, Luxembourg’s answer to Cathy Berberian, and how! Her performance of Berio’s “Sequenza III” was a beguiling and mischevious as I ever heard it. The rather dry title of American Craig First’s “Contrapuntal Variations” belied the astonishing complexity and virtuosity of this solo mandolin piece played with consummate skill by Greek Dimitris Marinos. The concert finished with beautifully conceived “Serenade” for soprano and harp by another woman composer, Japanese Harue Kunieda.

Jolyon Laycock – Seen and Heard, London

October 2000 Conservatoire de Musique Luxembourg 20.00

Giro Esa Pekka Salonen
Variations Hugh Wood
The Stations of the Sun Julian Anderson
The Gate
Orchestral Theatre IV
Tan Dun

BBC Symphony Orchestra London
Soloists: Shi Min Peking opera actress
Nancy Lundy soprano
Zehuai Zhang puppeteer
Conductors: Pascal Rophé, Tan Dun

A brilliant concert to conclude World Music Days in Luxembourg
“The stations of the sun” by the British composer Julian Anderson, a lively and subtle piece of music showing once again that nowadays they can all produce colourful and brilliant orchestration.

Hans Bünte – Saarbrücker Zeitung

Tan Dun embodies a fruitful union of eastern and western cultures. He produces a continuous succession of ideas for the renewal of music and music theater. Not artificially contrived ideas, but impulses that spring from profound inspiration.The World Music Days concert in the Luxembourg Conservatoire provided striking proof that such impulses are immediately intelligible even to listeners who are not specialists in New Music.

Thomas Rath – Trierischer Volksfreund

Part of the audience even gave a standing ovation – which is unprecedented at a concert of new music. And it is the critic’s job to say that works composed today deserve to figure prominently more often than is the case if we wish to avoid our concert halls turning into museums.

José Voss – Letzebuerger Land

29 Sept – 8 Oct Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain
Galerie Editions Simoncini Luxembourg
Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle

Sound Installations

Sound Objects Orchestra Christof Schläger
Urs Rickenbacher
Bambuso Sonoro Hans van Koolwijk

Presented in association with the Gaudeamus Foundation and
Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia

27 October 2000 Teatro Municipal Miguel De Cervantes - Málaga 21.00

Symphonic concert featuring music from “Benelux”
Belgium – Netherlands - Luxembourg

Night Music André Laporte
Concerto No 5 for violin Henry Vieuxtemps
La fierecilla domada Johan Wagenaar
Sinfonietta Marcel Wengler
Piet Hein Rhapsody Peter Van Anrooy
Rapsodie Chorégraphique René Mertzig

Orquesta Ciudad de Málaga
Soloist: Alyssa Park violin
Conductor: Alexander Rahbari

17 November 2000
Classics of the 20th Century
Allan Pettersson

Mouvement symphonique Allan Pettersson
Concerto pour violon et orchestre Marcel Wengler
Symphonie No 11 Allan Pettersson

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Soloist: Philippe Koch violin
Conductor: Alun Francis
Supported by IBM

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